About us

The UK solar market is fragmented with hundreds of small installers offering unpredictable levels of quality and service.

Rainbow is on a mission to be the UK’s 1st choice solar company for households and SMEs by delivering exceptional outcomes and value for money.

Who are we

To get spectacular results with solar you require market leading technology, a first-class installation team and intelligent finance solutions

At Rainbow, we have all angles covered and are the only solar company in the U.K. to have a management team with long-term success in technology, financial services and renewables.

Meet the team

Chief Operating Officer


Stefan is a member of Rainbow’s founding team, driven by his passion to disrupt the energy industry with innovative technologies and diversity in thinking. His deep understanding of business strategy and financial intelligence will ensure that Rainbow remains one of the most forward-thinking companies in the UK. Prior to Rainbow, Stefan built a successful career in banking working for PwC and Deutsche Bank.

Chief Revenue Officer


Neil, who co-founded Rainbow in June 2020, brings a wealth of experience from 15 years of working as an investment manager in the financial services industry. As Chief Revenue Officer, Neil's finance background and entrepreneurial spirit have been crucial in shaping Rainbow's strategic direction and growth. He will be leading the sales and marketing teams to drive revenue growth and deliver value to clients. Outside of work, Neil enjoys spending time with his family, staying fit, reading, and staying updated on international affairs.

Chief Executive Officer


Andrew Mullinger joined Rainbow in early 2023 following seven years of investing and acting in non-executive positions across fintech, education, and energy sectors.

As an entrepreneur, he has a history of establishing and guiding innovative businesses to success in heavily regulated markets.Prior to joining Rainbow, Andrew co-founded Funding Circle in 2009 in response to the financial crisis. This fintech company, now listed on the London Stock Exchange, has supplied more than £15 billion in loans to small businesses globally. In 2018, he helped found The London Interdisciplinary School, which became the first UK startup university to obtain degree-awarding powers in over five decades. Andrew's expertise and passion for supporting businesses have driven his personal investment in dozens of startups worldwide. He believes that businesses are the best vehicles to address and solve the difficult problems the world faces.

Outside of his professional commitments, Andrew is dedicated to promoting equal opportunities for young people in the UK by actively supporting various charitable organizations and initiatives. In his leisure time, he enjoys having fun with his family, drinking Burgundy wine and swimming.